When Facebook announced in July 2014 that it was going to disable its messaging service on the official Facebook smartphone app, facebook message without messenger users worldwide were enraged. Users had to install the Facebook Messenger app to access the messaging service. Many saw this as a frantic attempt by Facebook to direct users to the standalone app that no one wanted to use. People just do not see the need to use a whole other app to access a service that was working just fine on the main app. Surprisingly, Facebook did not crack under the pressure to restore the service.


We have however uncovered 5 workarounds you can use to bypass the Facebook Messenger app and send Facebook messages instantly. This is unless you are fine with the Facebook Messenger app which, as a matter of fact, works just fine. We have prepared this simple guide to walk you through sending Facebook messages without Facebook Messenger. You can send Facebook messages with videos,photos taken by the best 360 camera without messenger.

Part 1: Using the mobile browser to send Facebook message without Messenger
Part 2: Using the PC Web browser to send Facebook message without Messenger
Part 3: Using the Facebook SMS Service to send Facebook message without Messenger
Part 4: Using Cydia to send Facebook message without Facebook Messenger
Part 5: Using a third-party app to send Facebook message without Facebook Messenger
Part 6: How to send a Facebook message without Facebook Messenger? Maybe don’t use it at all?
Part 7: How to recover lost Facebook messages?
Part 1: Using the mobile browser to send Facebook message without Messenger
This is the next best option to sending a Facebook message urgently without Facebook Messenger. As Facebook is trying very hard to direct users to the Messenger app, they’re not making it any easier for their mobile web browser users as well.

The experience of using Facebook on a mobile browser is far from seamless and you will have to patiently await each and every webpage to load. However if accessing your messages is that urgent, here’s how to do so on a mobile browser:

Open your browser and go to Facebook’s website.
Across the top of your timeline you’ll find all the regular options such as Friends, Conversations, etc. Choose ‘Conversations.’.
You’ll immediately be led to Google Play Store and you’ll be asked to download Messenger.
send facebook messages without messenger 01

Now you’ll have to go to the ‘Recent Apps’ section, it’s a square beside the home button in Android. If you use iOS, then you can simply press the Home button and return to your Facebook browser window.
You’ll again find the message stating that Messenger is moving. You can simply hit the ‘x’ and make the annoying message go away.
send facebook messages with no messenger

Now you’re back where you started, at the Conversation page. Tap on the person or conversation you wish to engage in. But now you’ll be taken to Google Play Store again.
You’ll again have to repeat Step. 4, and you’ll find yourself back in the Conversation page and you’ll finally be able to send out a message.
However, you have to keep in mind that in order for this method to work you can’t have the Messenger app installed on your phone, if you do you’ll be led back to the Messenger app over and over again.